Shop Manager, Student, Addicted to Black
Hometown: Bay Area, CA
Astrological Sign: Aries

Some interesting facts about me: I was born in Mexico City, I speak three languages (French, Spanish, and English), and I will always ask, "Does it come in black?"

At Petals and Peacocks, I make sure the shop is running in order and we have all your favorite goodies in stock. But my favorite part is managing some of the brand's social media. It is an outlet that allows me to be creative and do what I love. I enjoy thinking of what should be said and what images should be posted that will represent the brand the best!

Still a university student, I have one more year until I graduate! Apart from school and work, what I like to do the most is travel. Whether is is just exploring my own city, a road trip, or saving up enough to travel farther, it is my main love. I am always going to concerts, out with friends, drinking lots of milk tea, making drinks, and shopping. When I am at home, I lounge around and read, doodle, or Netflix it up. I also love everything about fashion, art, and photography, making it a huge part of my life. 

Keep up with me on Instagram: @noiredoree