Sherpa Shoulder Bag in Black

$ 27.00 $ 22.00
New oval shape and style Sherpa Shoulder Bag features an adjustable strap, zipper closure, and rubber logo tag. Fits your small wallet, phone, and light snacks.
  • Sherpa construction with polyester lining
  • The full strap length is 51”
  • Height 8.5" x Width 7" x 4" depth
  • One Size
Cleaning Instructions:
Spot cleaning- Use a soft brush to gently brush away trapped stains with a clean, wet towel. Wipe lightly and air dry.

Deeper cleaning - Hand wash with a neutral softener and water to soak stains for 10-20 minutes. Gently rub and wash out with clean water. Squeeze out excess water then hang dry. Once dry, tap fabric lightly to restore its fluff.

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