Petals and Peacocks for ’47

About the collaboration

Petals and Peacocks and sports lifestyle company ’47 are pleased to announce the debut of their first collaboration, “I Left My Heart In...” The two joined forces to design the female centric collection, featuring 3 MLB Teams (San Francisco Giants, Los Angeles Dodgers, and New York Yankees) along with the signature Petals RoseTM graphic. 

“Being born in New York, my partner being born in the Bay Area, and having our first showroom in LA... these 3 cities are significant to our lives and are symbolic to the brand”, says co-owner of Petals and Peacocks, Victoria Velasquez. “We chose to do a capsule for each of these cities and showcase them together as a collection.”

Each capsule offers a range of tees, longsleeves, cropped hoodies, and hats showcasing the teams in a more feminine light than traditional merch. Also included are look books shot using female models and photographers, each born and raised in their respective cities. The collaboration effortlessly combines sports culture and fashion.


I left my heart in The Bay (Click on the image to view the lookbook)


I left my heart in New York (Click on the image to view the lookbook)


I left my heart in LA (Click on the image to view the lookbook)