Petals and Peacocks is a lifestyle brand founded by couple, Victoria Velasquez and Ryan Mante.

Their paths first crossed in Las Vegas at the Magic Tradeshow in 2010. While a love blossomed between the two, they noticed they shared a strong interest for fashion and clothing. In a gutsy effort to combine love and business, Petals and Peacocks was established in 2011. Now what started off as Victoria's portfolio project during art school, became a full-time clothing brand and company.

Petals and Peacocks is for the independent individual who knows what they want, wears what they want, and does what they want. With features on publications such as Nylon Magazine, spotted on trendsetter bloggers, and a high social media following, Petals and Peacocks shows no sign of slowing down.

Victoria and Ryan continue to create from their life experiences and love for clothing. Drawing inspiration from vulgar humor, witty comebacks, and all around sass, Petals and Peacocks is not afraid to push boundaries and share their passion with the world.

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