Pink's Shine Long Sleeve Tee

$ 48.00 $ 10.00

In collaboration with the iconic, Pink’s Hot Dogs. We sat down with the Pink family to better understand the heritage and history with their family owned business and their connection to the City of Los Angeles. Through our conversations, we decided it was important to maintain the legacy of the Pink's brand by utilizing their classic logos the company identified with, while using strong verbiage such as “specially made” throughout the collection.

Adding some of our signature unisex silhouettes, the collection has an array of styles for everyone. The assortment is true to what Petals and Peacocks delivers seasonally married with the classic nostalgia of Pink’s.

The Pink’s Shine Long Sleeve Tee was inspired by Pink’s very own beaded purse. Lightweight with something printed on every side.

  • 100% Jersey Cotton
  • Unisex sizing

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